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August 13 2017


someone should definitely send me forty dollars so i can buy five pounds of cotton candy-flavored rock candy

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they’re so married what the fuck

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I’m so proud of my dads.


dragonborn’s story must go down so differently in skyrim au. like, miraak looks one look at the *six* dragonborn that have showed up on solstheim and goes “there’s the slightest possibility i’ve made a mistake.”

August 12 2017

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Jeremy Appreciation Week - Rainbow Hair + Lack of


GreenCarnationGaming on Twitch


I’ll be streaming some Skyrim in a couple minutes! hope to see you there!

August 11 2017


GreenCarnationGaming on Twitch


I’ll be streaming some Skyrim in a couple minutes! hope to see you there!


welp i just got hit with a wave of intense sadness so im gonna lie down and cry for a bit



( @dikdickdik drew this lil thing and it inspired this lil drabble. short cause brain aint no good)

“Jeremy…” Ryan says softly, comforting. It doesn’t stop Jeremy’s shaking and it doesn’t stop his clinging, arms tight around him as he buries his head against his chest. “Jeremy, I’m alright, it’s ok –“

“Don’t,” Jeremy chokes out, breath ragged, eyes threatening tears. “It’s not ok.”

Ryan sighs, brushing gently through his hair, pressing a kiss to his head as he cradles him. “Jeremy, just breathe for me, ok? I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere. It’s alright.”

Jeremy doesn’t respond, but does as Ryan asked, taking deeper breaths, breathing in Ryan’s scent, his comfort. Ryan runs his fingers through his hair, patient as he waits for Jeremy to collect himself a little, calm down just enough.

“You can’t do that to me, Ryan,” Jeremy mumbles as he finds his voice, his grip still bruising as he holds him. “You can’t… I can’t –“

“Jeremy, love, look at me,” Ryan says softly, a hand cupping his cheek, trying to get him to look up. Jeremy sighs and does so, tilting his head to look into Ryan’s warm blue eyes. Ryan brushes his thumb over his cheeks, wiping away the few tears that have fallen. “I’m alright,” he whispers, reassuring. “I made it home all in one piece. I told you that I would come back to you. And I did. It’s alright. We’re alright.”

“Your comms cut off and there was an explosion and we… we thought –“ Jeremy hiccups, leaning into Ryan’s hand.

“Shh,” Ryan says gently, pressing a kiss to his forehead. “I know. I know what you thought. And I’m sorry it took me so long to get home. But I’m here. I’m safe. And so are you.”

Jeremy sighs, pausing just a moment before yanking Ryan closer, lips crashing together. It’s a desperate kiss, messy but neither cared. Ryan held him as he returned the kisses, deepening it. It’s a kiss to make up for the days apart, for Jeremy being terrified he was now alone and that Ryan was gone, for Ryan’s guilt at leaving him to think that, for both of their fear and worry and sorrow.

Jeremy clings to Ryan as they kiss, like he’s terrified to let go. Like the second he stops he’ll disappear and this will all be a dream. Like he’ll still be dead and Jeremy’s heart will still be shattered, the air gone from his lungs. But as they break apart to breath, Ryan is still there. Smiling at it, eyes still filled with light, heart still beating, lungs still moving. Jeremy finally smiles back, chest flooding with warmth as Ryan is finally back in his arms.

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Ryan approves


battle buddies au jeremwood is SO good

August 10 2017




so jeremy did an AMA on reddit and


There is  also this answer:


i love when jeremwood things happen and ppl run to tell me. i adore that this is what im known for

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Day3 of Jeremy Appreciation Week: Favourite Jeremy Team

Battle Buddies!!!

August 09 2017


bring on the universe (1/1)


As a single dad, Ryan doesn’t really have much time for dating. But someone out there in the universe decided to insert Michael Jones into his life.

[the three times ryan almost kissed michael and the one time he did]

hello again this is ryan with a fic thats too long for me to comfortably put in one tumblr text post!!

this is a (very late) birthday gift for my beautiful, amazing and fantastic girlfriend @m4d-m4x, who asked for an au based on something she and @holographdick created (who also helped beta this). i love you, you’re amazing and you deserve everything good in the world, and this one is for you.

myan // 8075 words // ao3 link


Keep reading

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ryan murmuring dirty things to jeremy all day to rile him up but when they get home and jeremy demands that ryan’s dirty mouth be put to good use, ryan just flushes bright red bcos he used up all his smooth practicing the lines he said to jeremy earlier and now he’s a flubbing mess, but he’s jeremy’s flubbing mess





sometimes i wonder how a writer would describe me if i were a character in a book

can we make this an ask meme?

reblog this if you want a book description of you sent to your inbox

August 08 2017



there’s something really badass about ryan gunning down cops and telling the rest of them ”just go”



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